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ApeX Club is a Collection of 1111 carefully crafted Ape avatars that give you membership access to our exclusive Club. Members will have voting rights in the direction of the AXC.
We envision AXC will be a home for artists, creators, and web3 supporters to hang and build the future.
Inspired by Crypto Ape culture and Urban Lifestyle, every Ape is one-of-a-kind with a unique vibe and personality.


ApeX Staking

Staking will be used to earn $APX coins.



  • Each staked Ape will earn 1 $APX in every 24 hours.

  • Total supply will be capped at only 1,000,000 coins.

  • The minimum spam of time to reach supply cap would be just under 2.5 years. It likely will be longer as not everybody will stake their Ape.

  • You can stake/unstake your Ape at any time, there will be no time-restrictions.


What can you do with your Coins?

  • It’ll be needed to collect future drops, participate in games, votes, and receive discounts on merch

  • Basically you’ll need to have $APX to enjoy the full benefits of the Club’s ecosystem.​

It’s time to kick off our Staking and start to earn some $APX!

If you want to receive all the future benefits, you better start collecting!

Staking is live on the following link:



As of today we’re announcing

Apex of the Month

This is a lottery system that will give one winner each month the following:

  • A custom ApeX artwork in a brand new NFT Art Collection.

  • Custom Skateboard Deck with the Artwork


How to enter?

  • Your Ape need to be staked at least for 30 days straight in the previous 30 days.

  • Your Ape must be unlisted at the time of the snapshots.



You have full ownership over your NFT. You can do whatever you can think of with them.



Your Apex grant you access to our club, with private discord channels, and many more planned future utility.



As an Apex holder, you'll be eligible for our future drops.

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The ApeX Vision includes no bad-looking Apes! We hand-selected the exception rules to make sure there is no undesirable Ape in our Club! The traits include Types, Apparel, Headwear, Eyes, Mouths, Earrings, and Backgrounds. Generated from 180 unique traits, every Ape is one-of-a-kind. Of course, some Apes are wearing rarer traits than others, making them more scarce and more valuable.

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  • Community Building

  • Social Media Hype

  • Launch

  • Members-Only Skateboard Game with Leaderboard


  • Top Quality Apparel Line both in Design and Materials to Reflect the Quality of the ApeX Club.

  • ApeX DAO Initiative

  • DAO Voting Proposals


  • Introducing $APEX, our Staking and utility token

  • ApeX Limited Comics Book with burn-mechanics

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Inspired by the crypto culture, streetwear, and street art.
We're aiming to create a lasting legacy and a recognized brand, driven by its key members, the community.

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Mortal is an artist since his childhood. His background is in traditional art, and tattoo art, before he discovered the beautiful world of NFTs. He’s an active collector since early 2021.



Web3 Developer

Zack was working as a Software Engineer for years before he discovered Web3. Since that he's actively polishing his skills to deliver new solutions to this scene.



Marketing Manager

Master of marketing. An ex-marketing director who got involved early in crypto. Now full-time degen and NFT investor. Krihs brings his experience to the ApeX Club.

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